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Sipping into Spring: Discovering Delicious Lesser-Known White Wines You Should Try!

Spring has sprung, y’all! And know what that means for us wine lovers – it's time to dive into those refreshing whites and delicious rosés!

It's so easy to stick to the familiar Sauv Blanc or Chardonnay without giving it a second thought, after all, who wants to fuss over exploring new wines when the sun is out and the vibe is all about kicking back? We totally get it. But hey, why not shake things up a bit? Why not explore some of these absolutely amazing white wines that don’t get as much attention as they should.

We’ve done the leg work for you! Check on this 5 stunning wine for spring and summer!


Torrontés hails from Argentina and it is one of our favs!  Torrontés combines the floral and stone fruit aromas of Viognier with the acidity of Sauvignon Blanc, resulting in a refreshing white wine with flavors of mango, vanilla, and honeysuckle.  This bright acidic wine can be enjoyed on porch with friends or with foods like ceviche, curry, pad Thai, Chinese food or flavorful cheese.  Plus, the price point is fantastic! 

Vinho Verde

We will scream from the mountain tops about Vinho Verde! Vinho Verde comes from a tinny tiny region in Northern Portugal celebrated for its affordable yet exceptional whites, reds, and rosés. Renowned for their lively acidity, gentle fizz, and moderate alcohol content, Vinho Verde is a top pick for summertime enjoyment.

Do you like sauvignon blanc, Chenin blanc, pinot gris, pinot Grigio or Albariño wines? you just might LOVE Vinho Verde. Drink it with all the seafood. If an oyster bar has this on the wine list – order it.  We even INSIST on it!


Let's talk about Sancerre – the Loire Valley's gem known for its flinty, savory Sauvignon Blanc. You read right – Sancerre IS Sauv Blanc.

Sancerre wines often boast zesty, mineral-driven flavors, with hints of flint or even a touch of gun smoke. This sets them apart from Sauvignon Blancs from New World regions like Napa Valley or New Zealand, which lean towards grassy and tropical fruit notes.

We LOVE its vibrant acidity and citrus flavors. An Ideal companion for a range of happy-hour treats like seafood, cheese, and veggies.

Grüner Veltliner (grew-ner velt-lee-ner)

Grüner Veltliner, Austria's go-to white grape, is affectionately nicknamed grüner, GV, or grü-ve. It's kinda like chardonnay, but with its own flair. Most grüner is quaffable, light-bodied, and refreshing, as well as easy on the wallet. This makes it a perfect warm weather sipper.

This special grape brings fruity vibes of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and nectarine, packing a light body with a zesty kick of acidity. It's the perfect match for dishes bursting with flavor and spice.

Soave (swah-vay)

Soave is an Italian white wine crafted from Garganega (gar-GAN-nehgah) grapes, grown around the historic village of Soave in Northern Italy. It's famous for its delicious blend of melon and orange zest flavors.

The main flavors found in Soave include peach, honeydew, citrus zest, sweet marjoram, and a hint of saltiness. Soave shares similarities with dry, light-bodied wines such as Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris, but it often surprises with a smooth, oily richness that gives it an extra kick!

Soave is a total matchmaker when it comes to pairing with rich Italian seafood. Picture clams and gnocchi, squid ink linguini, scallops, and risotto. Trust me, you'll find your perfect pairing with these dishes!

Soave remains underrated. Believe it or not, you can snag a fantastic bottle for around $13!

We hope you try some of these delicious wines perfect for lazy porch sessions or lively seafood feasts. So let's kick back, raise a glass, and toast to the simple pleasures of exploration and relaxation. Here's to savoring each sip and embracing the joy of discovering new favorites. Cheers to sunny days ahead and chilled delicious wines!

XO - Julia

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