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Spanish Wine
Exclusive Experience

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An evening of Catalan wine & tapas


Owner and Founder of Decanted Wine Truck, Julia Walderzak celebrated her big 40 in Barcelona this summer!

She was fortunate enough to visit some of the best vineyards in the Catalonia Wine Region. And she wants to share this once in a lifetime experience with you!

  Julia has curated a custom, in-home package featuring four unique Catalonian Wines each paired with a traditional tapas. The Chief Wine Officer herself will guide you through your tasting and education of Spanish wines.  And maybe gvie you a chance to drink from a porrón. 


There will be ONLY be two bookings available for this intimate event! 

The dates are flexible, but she will be doing only 2!

$125 Per Person / 10 Person Minimum/ 20 Person Maximum

What it Includes: 


4 Catalan wines

Traditional Tapa
Digestif with Chocolate
Take Home Tasting Glass




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