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Reasons to hire a mobile bar service (that’d be us)

We’re a literally a rolling party that we customize for you and your event!

Picture this: Our gorgeous, vintage camper mobile bars come rolling in to your event transforming any space into a vibrant scene with all the drinks, décor and snacks to boot!  Here are our top reasons why hiring a mobile bar service (we mean us) is an awesome idea for you and your guests!

Flexible and Convenient 

Whether it's a backyard bash, a glamorous wedding in Boston or a breezy beach gathering on The Cape, you and your guests can sip cocktails wherever the mood strikes, breaking free from the confines of traditional venues. Plus, we’ll keep the party going by serving up drinks when you want them, ensuring every moment is filled with fun and flavor.


Hiring our mobile bar services for your wedding or event can be a savvy move that saves you some serious cash. We work out the budget with you and come stocked with all the essentials, including all the booze, glassware, plasticware, décor and more! 

We can tailor your event with our fully customizable options – you can choose from a full bar, half bar (beer/wine only), delectable food options, stunning florals, high top tables, and elegant linens. The choice is yours!


Our bartenders are experience and professional.  They can handle a thirsty crowd! They know how to get drinks to guest quickly and with smile.

Also, having a TIPS certified professional bartender on deck guarantees you've got a seasoned pro in charge of the booze, ensuring everyone's safety while they have a blast. Trained to handle any scenario, they'll keep the good times rolling while keeping things responsible and under control.


Our mobile bars add a bit of uniqueness and charm to your wedding or event with a mobile trailer bar or a stylish bar cart setup. These setups, nestled within custom-built trailers, come fully loaded with all the essentials: a sleek bar top, refrigeration, and storage. Not only do they exude elegance and sophistication, but they can also be tailored to complement your event's decor, creating a seamless and visually stunning experience for your guests.

Customized Drinks & Decor

From crafting concocting special drinks that capture the essence of the occasion, to making sure the décor matches your party’s theme, we are masters at tailoring our services to your taste and style. Plus, we’ll happily accommodate any preferences among your guests including non-alcoholic options ensuring that everyone can raise a glass to good times.

We might be a lil’ bit biased, but we think the hiring the right mobile bar service (ahem, us) has nothing but upsides written all over it.  Sound like something you’d want for your party? Give us a shout to get started!

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